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PMBOK Document Reports

Question asked by Will_Lloyd on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Prashank Singh

I have been experimenting further with entering data into the PMBOK Documents (Project Charter, Scope Document, Quality Management, etc.). For those that haven't tried them yet, there is (and, anyone please correct me if I'm wrong) three preconditions for making use of the templates:

  1. The 'Accelerator: PMBOK® Guide' needs to be installed,
  2. An Access Group like 'pbk_projectmgr' needs to be added to the user's privileges, and
  3. The 'PBK Project Flag' needs to be set to Yes for the given Project.

Having met these preconditions, and entering data into the PMBOK "Reports" (i.e. the Charter, Scope, Quality et al documents), I have been unable to locate any OOTB reports, in either the CrystalReports set or JasperSoft.

Could anyone tell me whether I am simply missing something, or are printable/sharable reports from the PMBOK data up to users to create?