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How do I resolve the error 'You do not have sufficient permissions to reply to this task.' when trying to reply to an Interaction Request Form from the Assign User Task operator?

Question asked by mrab on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by mrab

This error leads me to ask,

1)  Is there a way to allow the user to reply to the Interaction Request Form without logging into Process Automation? 

I see the following in CA Process Automation Content Designer Reference under the 'Assign User Task Operator':

  •  The Assignees parameters specify authorized CA Process Automation users or groups to approve or reject the user prompt. The Assign User Task operator only verifies user credentials when a user or group is specified.
  •  When the user receives the email, the user clicks the task URL to continue to the CA Process Automation Login. After authentication, the form that is attached to the task displays, and the user can then directly reply to the task.


      Does the first comment imply that no login is required if no assignee parameters have been entered in the Assign User Task operator?


2) If the user must login, how does that work?
I have tried executing the steps in tech doc tec602447 to set up a Dynamic User Group policy that includes the 'Product User' policy.
I can see the dynamic group listed for the user under 'Manage Identities' in EEM.

Back on the parameters for the Assign User Task in Process Automation, I have neither a user or a group selected in the Assignee Parameters.  (I don't see any groups to select from anyway).

The user is getting 'You do not have sufficient permissions to reply to this task.' when trying to reply to the IRF.


Thanks for your help!