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Unable to cretae CMDB with Proc_type

Question asked by BalaKrishnab4 on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by jmayer

Hi Team,

I'm trying to create the CI using the attributes name, system_name, prco_type, virtual_processors  .. etc. But I was getting the below error if I use proc_type.


Error setting attr 'proc_type' on object 'nr:8FFED66CD77777489A12A3E2BBED7268' to value 'Test Proc' AHD03066:Unknown name proc_type.


If I removed the proc_type and virtual_processors, I was able to create the with name and systemname.


Can you please help me how to populate these attributes as well.


By the way I'm using below line of code.


attrVal1.setString(new String[] { "name", "CITestwithAttr3", "class",

"grc:1000157", "system_name", "CITestwithAttr3",

"asset_count", "1", "description",

"Test desc", "alarm_id", "780.208.09.93",

"zComplianceType", "10001",

"zenvironment", "Test","zPriority", "NO", "proc_type", "VirtualCPU",

"virtual_processors", "4"});


usd.createAsset(sid, attrVal1, attr1, createAssetResult, newAssetHandle, newExtensionHandle, newExtensionName);