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15.2 New UX - Forecast 0 in all cells

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Dale_Stockman
  • 15.2, on premise, testing new UX resource/investment planning view
  • Created new test project in classic
  • Allocated roles to Team\Staff and assigned Departments to each in Staff OBS
  • Went to and found project in new UX
  • Copied FTE forecasts from an Excel template we use into Investments/Resources view - worked great
  • Went back to classic view - see all the allocation hours there, too - cool!
  • Created Forecast (Cost Plan) from Investment Team
  • When back to Investments/Resources view in new UX
    • Expected to see numbers from Cost Plan in Forecast cells, next to FTEs
    • Instead, all Forecast cells = 0
  • Found 15.2 documentation on this new UX feature
    • Documentation lacked any discussion regarding Forecast


Is the Forecast feature ready for use, or not? 


If ready,

  • Am I wrong to expect Cost Plan of Record numbers to display in Forecast cells?  If I'm wrong, where does Forecast then come from?
  • Does anyone have documentation that explains how this Forecast feature works in the new UX?


Thank you/Danke/Shnorhakalut’yun