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Question asked by Jean Gomes on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by GerryFSU

Hello Folks,


I'm checking the snmpcollector probe and have some doubts about architecture and features.



It is possible to disable probes like cisco_monitor, interface_traffic, etc and deploy SNMPCOLLECTOR on secundary hubs and configure SNMPCOLLECTOR on each secondary hub and then get alarms, qos, etc with ORIGIN from secondary hub? I do not like the idea to have one HUB only for SNMPCOLLECTOR.


It is possible to deploy SNMPCOLLECTOR on secondary hubs that have robots attached?


It is possible to change alarm messages as we did in probes like snmpget ?


It is possible to use only one SNMPCOLLECTOR hub to monitor 2000 devices and change the ORIGIN from hub with QOS_PROCESSOR probe ?