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Need suggestions on filtering values from REST Step using lisa property and not filters

Question asked by vinit.malhotra on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by norre01

Is there a way we can use lisa curley braces {{}}within a curley braces eg. {{lisa.{{LISA_LAST_STEP}}.rsp}} where LISA_LAST_STEP is in itself a property formed at run time? 


Objective - I need to run a test case having 10 REST call steps, each having different name/URL. I need to store the result of each step in the database-

1) Step Name - I know to capture this since we have lisa property as LISA_LAST_STEP.

2) HTTP URL invoked in this step. - How can we get this?

3) Request sent/ Response Payload received. - How can we get this in property??. Does lisa.stepname.rsp will give me the response? If yes I need to have a generic property so that it updates the step name everytime and give the result.


example - insert into table abc where stepname = {{some lisa property}}  ,  url = {{some lisa property}} response = ""somelisaproperty}}


I dont want to have multiple filters at each step. Need to have a generic property value name which will have updated values each time a particular step is run.


Please provide your suggestions how can I have a generic framework which can be used for multiple test cases.