Tech Tip : 500 error after kill command of the LLAWP process

Discussion created by Julien_Nitot Employee on May 4, 2017
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In R12.52 SP1 CR05, we encounter a 500 error after shutting down LLAWP process by using "kill -9" on the Apache WebServer.

In R12.0, the behaviour is different. We do not have a 500 error, because LLAWP restarts properly. 


Webagent 12.52SP1CR05 on apache 2.2 on Linux


The current behavior in 12.52 is due to a bug which seems to have gotten introduced in 12.52SP1. Due to this bug if the LLAWP process gets killed without a clean shutdown, its process id remains in memory.



This issue will be fixed in 12.52SP1CR07 (Planned for Q2).


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