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SDM Slowness

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Alex_Perretti

Hi Team,


We have recently upgraded r12.6 to r14.1.03.2, since few days we were facing Slowness issue in the SDM.

We had webservices running, reports running which we had rescheduled to a time when the load is very less. Now, the system works fine, but the SDM and dB utilization goes up at around 3:45 PM till 4:30 PM everyday.

I checked the dB activity monitor but I can see all the requests which are running, is from the SDM hostname and by the mdbadmin user. 

So, I just wanted to understand if there's a way to check which queries or which SDM process is querying the the dB so much during this time period.

We have rescheduled all the tasks which was running during the working hours. Its becoming very difficult to troubleshoot this issue.