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Use UserID instead of UUID REST Web Services

Question asked by jlhawley on May 4, 2017

We are just getting started using REST (SOAP) to integrate with a separate application that configures and provisions users. We are trying to update the Group, Role, Access Type, Active Status, based on a specific UserID. In the examples, I only see reference to using the UUID in each of these requests. For an examples that I found  you have to use the: 

  /caisd-rest/<factory>/<object id>/<attribute name (SREL)


and in the example it called for the PUT method to look like:

PUT /caisd-rest/loc/U'0502D608F9122B48B7C9DAB9E0457F94' HTTP/1.1
Host: hostname
Content-Type: application/xml;charset=UTF-8
X-Obj-Attrs: delete_flag


All other examples I have seen for Groups, Roles, Users, etc. have included the UUID but I would like to prevent the call from trying to return the UUIDs and then parsing that information to re-add it to the Request. 


Is there a way in the call to update the Role, Group, Access Types, and update Active status based on their UserID and not by using the UUID?