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How to customize the error message the users sees from a screen validation?

Question asked by mrab on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by mrab

I have a form with the following components:
      radio group (with 3 radio buttons)
      text area


select1,2,3 are hidden/unhidden with a javascript based on the selection within the radio group and this works fine.  My problem is the text area.

It is a required field, but validation does not happen until the user presses 'Add to Cart'.  If the text area is empty at that point, it shows a generic error message:
     There is a validation error on the page, please fix it before continuing.


I have tried adding a javascript function to the 'onValidate' attribute of the text area, but that doesn't execute at all because the user is skipping over the text area and clicking in the select box.

How can I change the message to be more specific?