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Resource Capacity calculations

Question asked by Kajal.Rane on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by urmas

Hi ,


i need to get how the calculations of Allocation, Capacity-allocation and availability is done on Resource capacity portlet?

I was trying to use something like below for allocation but it gives me for present and future year. i also need it for past year :


SELECT SUM(Slice) Allocation_Hours, MONTH(slice_date) [month],Year(slice_date) [year], r.full_name--, project
FROM niku.prj_blb_slices s, niku.prteam t, niku.srm_resources r, niku.srm_projects p
WHERE s.prj_object_id = t.prid and
t.prprojectid = and t.prresourceid = and
slice_request_id = 10
group by r.full_name,MONTH(slice_date),Year(slice_date)
order by r.full_name,MONTH(slice_date),Year(slice_date)


Thanks for your help in advance.