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Can´t see performance metrics from IHS

Question asked by osvaldog on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Jose-Javier-Sanchez

Hi everybody,


I've configured monitoring for IHS and in Introscope Performance Metrics don't appears. 


this is WebServerConfig.xml



Web Servers Configuration File

Use this file to add Web Servers to monitor and report them to Introscope
Enterprise Manager. This file is also automatically updated by Discovery Engine
if it is enabled.

CA (tm) Introscope(R) PowerPack(tm) for Web Servers

CA Wily Introscope(R) Version 10.1.0 Build 990014
Copyright (c) 2015 CA. All Rights Reserved.
Introscope(R) is a registered trademark of CA.




<!-- Supported Web Servers Type:
Apache Web Server : Apache
Oracle HTTP Server : Apache:Oracle-HTTP-Server
Microsoft IIS : Microsoft-IIS
iPlanet 6.0 Web Server : Sun-ONE:Netscape-Enterprise
iPlanet 6.1 Web Server : Sun-ONE
Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 : Sun-ONE:Sun-Java-System-Web-Server

<!-- Add your web servers here -->
<!-- Example entries -->

<!-- Type attribute is base:variant for web servers other than Apache, Sun-ONE and IIS. variant is the server response header returned by a web server and base defines the base web server over which the variant is built. E.g. Oracle_HTTP_Server is a variant of Apache base web server. -->

<!-- Monitoring over HTTPS requires Protocol and Mode attributes. -->
<!-- Protocol attribute sets the protocol over which SSL communication happens. Valid values are SSL and TLS. Default is SSL. -->
<!-- Mode attribute specifies the mode over which the monitoring occurs. Valid values are Permissive and Non-Permissive. Default is Non-Permissive. -->
<WebServer Type="Apache" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://wily-apache" DisplayName="Wily-Apache-13" RefreshFrequencyInSeconds="15"/>
<WebServer Type="Microsoft-IIS" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://wily-iis" DisplayName="Wily-IIS-60" MetricsURL="iisperf"/>
<WebServer Type="Sun-ONE" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://wily-sunone:86" DisplayName="Wily-Sun-61"/>
<WebServer Type="Sun-ONE:Netscape-Enterprise" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://wily-iplanet:81" DisplayName="wily-iPlanet-60"/>
<WebServer Type="Sun-ONE:Sun-Java-System-Web-Server" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://wily-sunjava7:89" DisplayName="Wily-Sun-70"/>
<WebServer Type="Apache:IBM_HTTP_SERVER" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://wily-ihs" DisplayName="Wily-IBM13" RefreshFrequencyInSeconds="15"/>
<WebServer Type="Apache" Enabled="true" Protocol="SSL" ServerURL="https://wily-apache-ssl:449" DisplayName="wily-apache_ssl" Mode="Non-Permissive"/>
<WebServer Type="Apache" Enabled="true" Protocol="TLS" ServerURL="https://wily-apache-tls:443" DisplayName="wily-apache-tls_ssl" Mode="Permissive"/>
<WebServer Type="Apache:Oracle-HTTP-Server" Enabled="true" Protocol="TLS" ServerURL="https://wily-ohs:443" DisplayName="wily-ohs_443_ssl" Mode="Permissive"/>

<!-- IHS -->

<WebServer Type="Apache:IBM_HTTP_SERVER" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://***.xx.x.xx:8773" DisplayName="Access buapaix100" RefreshFrequencyInSeconds="15"/>

<WebServer Type="Apache:IBM_HTTP_SERVER" Enabled="true" ServerURL="http://***.xx.x.xx:8773" DisplayName="Access buapaix101" RefreshFrequencyInSeconds="15"/>