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Can the ESP Workload Automation Agent FTP Server use secure data connection?

Question asked by pioawd on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by pioawd

I am currently involved in a project that required an FTP Server to be set up on a ESP Agent on Windows.

The FTP Client on the Mainframe is required to send files there using FTP/TLS.

I successfully managed to get the connection to work using SSL Certificates, following all the instructions made by CA,

however when using the ATTLS policy on the mainframe to use secure data connection (SECURE_DATACONN Private), the JCL Batch job fails with:

EZA2904I Cannot set protection level to private
EZA2906I Data connection protection is clear
EZA2921I Unable to set data connection protection to required level private

The transfer works only when the Secure_Dataconn is set to CLEAR.

My question is if the ESP FTP Server can use such Secure data connection?