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Timeout on Server Object while Deploying VS

Question asked by AjayJK01 on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by AjayJK01

Hi There


While trying to deploy a virtual service I am getting a  time out error message "rmi.RemoteException: Timeout(45000 ms, actual wait 45,003 ms) on server object .....".


I am using DevTest 9.5.1 version and the service which I am trying to deploy is a SOAP/http service. The only difference from other SOAP based services which I can deploy normally is that the service image (VSI) size is 245 MB. The service was generated after running automated script which recorded unique records.


So coming to my questions :

1) Is there a setting in local properties file in workstation or any property file on the Server which can be set to increase the timeout. 

2) Is compressing VSI an option or possibly supported by the tool ?

3) Any alternative solutions are most helpful.


Thank you.