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CAPA 4.3.02 Restful API

Question asked by IanRich on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by WonderGirl



I just installed CAPA 4.3.02 in my Sandbox environment, and I was taking a look at the new built-in Restful API.


One of the things I noticed was that the Start a Process API accepts only an ID value to start the process



Currently I have been using the SOAP API to start processes from my other applications.  The SOAP API uses the path of the process to start.  So I was able to use the /v1/processes to convert the path to the ID, and provide the ID to the /processes/{ID}/start to start the process.


However, the SOAP API also allows you to pass additional parameters as part of the call.  This is critical to me, as I usually am passing specific variables to the process when I trigger it.


I can't find anything in the documentation about passing additional parameters to the job as part of the /start API.


Just curious if anyone else has started playing with it.