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Edit privileges on pages I created as "Project Admin"

Question asked by JaimePrieto1377375 on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by JaimePrieto1377375

I'm Agile Coach/RTE and have "Project Admin" for the GSLO Agile Release Train (see screen shot below). I've created several dashboards and pages to share with all children projects, which I occasionally want to edit. Alas, the system tells me I can't edit the pages I created.

For example, I created the page "Product Backlog Cumulative Flow" as shown below. I click on the 1. pencil icon (edit), 2. then open the gear - "Edit" option not shown, only "Set as Start Page

3. I open the page itself, then from the Actions drop-down, I select "Edit Page", I get the output shown in No. 4



Therefore, I'd like my "Edit" privileges restored for these pages I created:


Drop Down Menu: Home (icon)


Drop Down Menu: Plan


Drop Down Menu: Track


Drop Down Menu: Quality

  • Iteration Issues, Regression Defects


Please give me edit privileges for all of these pages, as I created them and need to modify them.