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CA SDM 12.6

Question asked by AslafAbdulsatBorkr76041284 on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by kalsw01

I have some reports created in Web Intelligence Rich Client 12.3. I would like to display this report under reports tab in CA SDM. I know there is a way to create web forms & add them as a startup page for role specific tabs but all of these reports are the default crystal reports which i cannot edit since we do not have the license. We use WEB I. 


We are able to access the webi reports using a Infoview button under the reports tab in CA SDM but what I am trying to do is make my webi reports available under web forms (CA SDM->Administration->Security & Role Management->Role Management->WebForms) in CA SDM. I can only see the default crystal reports here but need to find a way to make my webi reports available here.


Would appreciate if some one provides assistance on this query.