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rsp - SSH - AIX memory QoS error

Question asked by Fgonzalezr on May 17, 2017
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Hey everyone;


I'm trying to monitor some AIX servers with rsp probe through ssh, and I´m already collecting data for CPU/Disks/Paging. However I'm having trouble when it comes to memory, swap, and physical memory data. When the monitor runs I get the following messages in the probe's logs:


chk_mem: failed to get latest memory entry from the database for {"SERVERNAME"}
May 17 11:15:39:523 [7924] rsp: (memory_no_data_handler) - Profile: {"SERVERNAME"}, type: memory, Samplemax is 0, QoS not sent.


The same for swap_memory and physical memory. Any ideas on what could this be?


Thanks in advance!