Large amounts of QOS data - Size and # of Rows are out of control

Discussion created by JordanRose on May 18, 2017
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Large amounts of QOS data - Size and # of Rows are out of control. I am new to UIM and we just stood up the solution. We are about 1 month into the process of getting UIM up and migrating our current monitoring into it. The database crashed last week due to the disk running out of space. We run mysql on RHEL 7.2 and UIM version 8.51. I found the data retention settings in the data_engine probe and changed them from the default (delete raw data older then 180 data and historic data older than 720 days). Originally I changed it to 30 and 60 days, then I read that I shouldn't change it that drastically as it can cause problems with the maintenance process. Anyways I cant seem to get the maintenance process to run. I set the log level to 3 and when I tick Start Now under the Schedule tab nothing happens. Number of rows and size of certain data is not changing and I see no log entries about cleaning up old data, also files on the disk are still huge. Is there a way to manually run the maintenance process or am I missing something else?


Thanks for any help, I am pretty new to UIM so I may need some hand holding....