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CA PPM On Demand Change Domain Lose Ad Hoc data

Question asked by JMSnider on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by JMSnider

V. 15.1


I have a homebrew domain. 13 tables are linked. 20 or so fields are exposed.


We have an ad hoc report that uses that domain.


Ad hoc was fine, showing all data until the other day. We changed the join between DWH_RES_RESOURCE and DWH_RES_OBS_MAPPING to be left outer from an inner join. Since making this change, we can no longer see OVH time in the ad hoc report. If we make a new ad hoc, all investments show as expected.


If we try to change the data source, then all the fields, filters and formatting go away.


Is there a way to "reset" the ad hoc's interaction with the domain without having to recreate the ad hoc?


Thanks, Joanne