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Publishing works through Data Maker and not through TDM portal..!!

Question asked by ashima.tulsiani on May 19, 2017
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Has anyone tried this out before when you are trying to publish the data through TDM in data maker and your repository is SQL and the target DB is DB2. The publish works fine but when I try and do this from TDM Portal instead it gives me an error of some invalid ID types to be more specific, this happens with time stamps.

Little more explanation -

The behavior here depends on the value in the ‘timestamp’ column:

- if using ^STIMESTAMP^ from the tool, publish will fail with “Value for … is invalid for datatype”

- if using timestamp formatted as YYYY-MM-DD-HH.MM.SS.000000”, publish will fail with “… Cannot insert an explicit value into a timestamp column...”


Basically what I feel is that this is part of the duplicate detection mechanism inside the Portal, just done in such a way that DB2 data gets inserted into the repository which is sql which is resulting in this issue.


Let me know your thoughts or if anyone is facing this same issue. May be I am also doing something wrong here but any suggestion or comments are welcome.