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Help needed on conversation tokens in vsi files

Question asked by MangaDeviP on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by gadpr08

I have a vsi with conversation 1 and stateless transactions.

Conversation created usign RR pairs and very simple with just two operations, say UpdateAcnt(conversation starter) and RetrieveAcnt

Conversation token is LDDDLDD format which denotes the account number(ex:M123M12) from the payload.


Stateless transaction also has a RetrieveAcnt operation with the same signature.


Reqmt is that when UpdateAcnt is called from conversation 1, the consecutive call to RetrieveAcnt should be from conversation 1.

But observed result is that response is always from the stateless RetrieveAcnt


Please suggest how to troubleshoot and any further modifications needed to make the conversation work.


Thanks in advance!