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Re-Register Windows Pupm-Endpoint

Question asked by stoopid on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Miquel-Gilibert-i-Sunye

Hello community,


we are using AccessControl/ControlMinder/PIM/PAM for some time already, our Mgmt-Server is running on 12.61. The windows server which we want to re-register/autodiscover is also 12.61. I've checked the registry if AutoRegister is set to 1 an if OperationMode also set to 1. I did also remove the privileged Endpoint by deleting it through the WebInterface. I found an article for Linux where the PupmAgent.dat just needs to be deleted. is there any similar procedure on a windows system? At the moment we are not able to upgrade to 12.8 hence this is a production system and at the moment every password change task fails.


many thx in advance.