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Logic for ETC Adjustment?

Question asked by Divyanshu on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Divyanshu
Problem Statement: After time sheet submission, Clarity PPM (version used 14.3) is distributing the remaining ETC evenly across the subsequent months .
Example of Issue: 

a. Project Manager is assigning hours (ETC) to team member for the subsequent months as per project requirement. For example, Project duration- Jan to March. Hours (ETC) assigned to Developer is Jan = 20 hours, Feb = 70 hours and March = 10 hours, Total = 100 hours).
b. When timesheet is entered in Jan first week(10 hours), then PPM is deducting Actuals from ETC (10 hours from 100 hours ETC)
c. Now, PPM will distribute the remaining ETC evenly across the subsequent months (Jan =30 hours, Feb 30 hours and Mar = 30 hours
Is there any process which is doing this or any possibility to implement a logic to avoid automatic distribution of ETC overwriting the manual distributed one?