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CA Service Virtualization CA APIM Integration

Question asked by trlogic on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by trlogic


We have integrated CA APIM and CA SV on a POC. But we could not get the transactions listed on the Application Insight on DevTest Portal.

When we  check the integration everything seems right. On the Deployed APIM integrations screen, we can see that "Record" policy have been successfully deployed to APIM. 

On the other side, when we check CA APIM policies, we can see the policies and global parameters are successfully deployed. So we checked the service debug log trace on the APIM side. There it says that, Operation did not match svMode is not equal to RECORD. As seen below,




Policy is already deployed as seen below. And in the Global parameters, svMode  = RECORD


Would you please share your comments on this ?