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Popup message "Unable to Process Request - Server Error" on 14.2 after upgrade

Question asked by shalinee on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by shalinee

Hi All,

We recently moved on CA PPM 14.2 SP11 from Clarity 12.1.3. We have MS SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 as Client.


We are noticing the attaced popup message with error message "Unable to process request - Server Error" and we notice the below error at same in app-ca.log file.


ERROR 2017-05-22 11:45:13,415 [http-bio-85-exec-6] clarity.ui (clarity:VAC12345:49641707__D53C74C1-50D0-438A-8F57-F206599876A7:security.caches) UI_MSG[:Mon May 22 11:42:36 PDT 2017:OnError called--Client Side Exception
java.lang.Exception: VXMLRequest failed. HTTP status code was: 0
at Unknown.Wfb (null:-1)
at Unknown.Om (null:-1)
at Unknown.Xjb (null:-1)
at Unknown.mkb (null:-1)
at Unknown.anonymous (null:-1)
at Unknown.qgb (null:-1)
at Unknown.tgb (null:-1)
at Unknown.anonymous (null:-1)


Before adding this new question on community I search this in same plateform and I found couple of previous question with same error but I notice in my instance " HTTP status code was: 0" is 0 however in other threads it is some value not 0. We are using SSO and F5 load balancer in our environment. We have total 3 app servers and app service of all three application server with port 85 on F5 load balancer.


Any suggestion is much appreciated.