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Project Task Dependencies in Clarity

Question asked by roland.parrotte Champion on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Marc_Buigues

Implementing Clarity V15.1 for a new client, using MSP as the scheduling tool.  They want to use the Legacy option of MSP Integration, so that the MPP file is retained so the users view in MSP are automatically their for them.


Have hit one issue where I put a Task dependency to an other project's task, and saved the data back using the CA MSP Interface, and it is not working correctly, in particular, I update the other project's task, and the new dates don't flow back to the dependent task.


I also noticed that if I run the Project Task Dependencies report, when first creating the dependencies, the tasks show on the report.  Once the data has been updated via CA MSP Interface, the tasks do not appear on this report.


Are others setting up projects with project task dependencies?