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Using Same LISA Virtual Service Instance in multiple environment.

Question asked by Akshayman on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Joel NeSmith

Hi All , 


Scenario - 

  • LISA Team built the LISA REST Virtual service and shared the endpoint to Test team. 


  • Test team is tried two scenarios to perform sanity with LISA service 
    • Scenario 1 - (Invoke the LISA service from Dev environment for both Match and No Match requests )

               LISA returning valid relevant response  Match request or No Match requests. 


  • Scenario 2 - (Invoke the LISA service from Test environment for a Match request)

               In this scenario , calling application is unable to receive a response but in LISA portal we could see the                incoming request and LISA was able to return a response.


  •  Scenario 3 - (Invoke LISA Service from Test environment for a No Match Request. )

               LISA is returning a valid default LISA no match found response. 


I don't see it a issue from LISA end but looking for some input from LISA folks. 

Queries -- 

1. Do we need to modify any configuration in LISA VS to make the scenario 2 working ?   

2. Is their any specific setting to be done to make single LISA VS respond from different environment ? 



Akshay M