Notification:  License Server IP address is changing July 8, 2017

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on May 24, 2017

To all Internet Based LISA License Server users who are using LISA 7.x and below, this is your first announcement that the Internet Based License Server IP address will be changing July 8, 2017.  More information will be attached to this discussion as the IP address is made known. (Please note that this does NOT affect Local License Server deployments, DevTest 8.x and above, or File Based License Users.)


As you all know, the reason for this advance notice is that you may have "white listed" the current LISA Server IP address in your firewalls.  If you have hard coded them, you will need to put in a service request within your organization to White List the new IP Address.  Since some of you have informed me in the past that it can take up to 6 weeks to have your internal teams actually do the request, or there is a freeze to any change requests at the end of a Quarter, or no changes are allowed at the end of the Month, we are providing you plenty of time to get this done.  There will NOT be a parallel running of the Old IP and the New IP as there was in the past.  This will be a hard cutover as of approximately 1 AM EDT on July 9, 2017 (we are starting at 9 PM EDT on July 8, 2017).  Please plan accordingly.


While you are considering your advance plans, please remember that there is a 3 day grace period that is inherent in LISA.  This 3 day license grace period starts when the LISA component requests a License Token Renewal and does NOT get a response back from the License Server.  The worst case scenario is the License Server cannot be reached (IP is hardcoded in localhosts, IP is hardcoded in the Firewall rules, DSN server is not updated with the new IP, etc.)  In the logs, you will find that the License Server cannot be accessed and the licensing has reverted to a grace period.  This would happen within 1 hour after the IP switch.  This Grace Period will continue to Wednesday July 12, 2017 morning at about 1 AM EDT.


If you enter this situation and are not able to resolve it on your own, please DO NOT close your LISA Component, open a Support Case Monday morning - July 10, 2017, and Support will assist in resolving your issue to the extent we can.  The next action that will be taken by Support is to send out an email notification to the License Key holders on the licenses that are now currently accessing the CA LISA Internet License Server. 



Les Dover

LISA License Administrator