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Average Result Processing Time Slow While Average Response Time is Reasonable

Question asked by Nashing9 on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Nashing9

I have been working on trying to isolate a specific use case that was very slow from the end user perspective.  I tried traces, but none of them seem to indicate an issue.  Average Response Time metrics were reasonable and no stalls, but the end user experience is a challenge (200 to 400 or more response time).  After deploying AXA, we noticed that the source was for a specific URL, and this URL was driven primarily by a specific stored procedure.  Then going back into Investigator - noticed another metric that I had not realized before - Average Result Processing Time (ms).  This metric is not mentioned in the mainline wiki for APM, but there are a few references in the APM Community (such as Kulbir's DOC-231167765).  Why would I have long running transactions with an excessive 'Average Result Processing Time (ms)'  that does not show up as a component of the transaction trace?  It certainly is impacting the overall transaction...  Help set me straight!