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Error at importing Advanced Reporting Content

Question asked by LiviuIonescu on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Suman Pramanik



I've come to the last step of installation of JasperSoft, executing the command:


admin content-jaspersoft csk -userName superuser -password <password>


But I encounter this error: 

Content File Name
Logging into server ... http://tspetro503908:8081/reportservice
Getting tenant information... 1
Initiating importing on 1 with file name
Preparing content to be deployed on 1 using file /opt/niku/clarity/reporting/content/csk/jaspersoft/package/
Importing prepared content.../tmp/jaasreports_7096625647570488931/
ERROR 25-05 12:45:13,348 - sendRequest Error: Connection reset
ERROR 2017-05-25 12:45:13,348 [main] restAdapter.JasperRestAdapter sendRequest Error: Connection reset
Content import failed.Connection reset
Failed to import content for tenant : Connection reset
Error occurred: Connection reset
Check admin.log or use -verbose for more information.


Every step before it is succesfull.

Also, the key is generated and copied on JasperSoft Server.


Can you please guide me in the right direction in solving this?