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Change order tasks behavior

Question asked by thiagojoseoliveira on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by Grant Bruneau

Hi my friends,


I'm testing the change module in CA SDM 14.1, mainly the behavior of the classic flow of workflow tasks.


In my organization, change tasks are manually entered (button: Insert tasks) into a change request, they are not linked to change categories.

Analysts create the tasks with the necessary information and assign to a group, this group has a person who approves or does not approve them.


What I need to do is that at the end of all tasks are approved, the change order will set to a specific status.

The action macro to set the status of the change order is ok. My difficulty is in control, whether all the tasks have been approved or not.


What I thought of doing was to create an event with an action macro that set the status of the change order, and that the condition of the event is, verify if all the tasks in that respective change order have been approved, yes or no.

If yes, the condition was accepted, and the macro will be executed. If any task is rejected, then the change order will go to another status (rejected)

Sometimes the change order can have from 3 to 8 tasks. The amount of the tasks varies.


Can I create a condition that verifies that all tasks have been approved? 


Thank you so much.