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CA TDM got hanged and crashed while generating 25K records for Oracle DB.

Question asked by Jagadeesh Govindarajan on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by gilta03

CA Test Data Manager got completely hanged and crashed while generating 25000 records and inserting in Oracle DB.

Behavior, Initially loading started slowly and then it took few minutes.

Finally, after few minutes it got hanged and crashed completely.  We need immediate fix and resolution on how to overcome these try of performance & load issues.


Find the below detailed information.


Version : [011] 3.2G

Database : Oracle 11G Enterprise Edition.


1. Created Data Set, Data Pool & Data parameterization 

2. Select 'Publish to Data Pool' and Executed it.

3. Select the tables and  select ' Publish to Data Target'.

4. It got hanged up then after few minutes windows got freeze.

5. Finally, After 2 hours there is no progress and I terminated the CA TDM instance through Task Manager window.

Refer the attached screenshot.


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