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Monitor Genesys Applications

Question asked by ayushs on May 31, 2017
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In our environment,Genesys Applications are getting migrated.


The architecture says:-



The Management Layer provides you, as a network administrator, with three ways to monitor and control Genesys products via an NMS user interface:


  • You can start, stop, and monitor the status of any Genesys or third-party application that the Management Layer monitors and controls. In addition, you can modify log options for Genesys server applications.


  • You can retrieve application-specific SNMP statistics and data as defined in the MIB file for those Genesys server applications that support application-specific SNMP requests.


  • You can receive alarms from any Genesys server application in the form of SNMP traps.


With all three options, the communications between SCS and NMS require an SNMP Master Agent application that is compliant with the AgentX protocol. If your NMS does not contain such an application, you can use Net-SNMP (release 8.5.1 and later) and/or Genesys SNMP Master Agent to integrate the Management Layer into your NMS. The Genesys MIB file, which the NMS uses, defines the communication interface between the Management Layer and the NMS.



So can you please help me to let me know which probe can be used from CA UIM to monitor this Genesys Applications??
E2Eappmon probe ??
Is it able to trap SNMP requests and generate alarms?


Please let me know.