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I want to compare the xml tag with DB Field for 100 records..

Question asked by PreethiManoj on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by PreethiManoj

Scenario Description : I am having source as Queue, Target as DB. I am publishing some 10 messages via parameterization. I run the adapter. 10 messages are now getting transferred to 10 records in DB. 


Note : Only few fields are mapped from xml to DB Column.


I created a property to store the xml field and DB Column. But, while running the ITR. It is getting failed, because the DB values are not getting matched with xml entries.


1xml field value should match with 1st entry of Result set of JDBC.


If i post 10 messages after sometime. then the validation should be like 1xml message field value should match with my 11th entry of Result set of JDBC Step. 


Help me if possible... Thanks in Advance.