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How to send notification when only the description has been filled

Question asked by Felipean on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Brian_Mathato

Hi all,


For default, every alter status, SDM send a notification, informing that the status of the tickets has changed. But, We want to send notification only when the the descrition field in status update (alg.descrition) is filled. See below:

status update screen


For that I have created an atomic condition for the field alg.description but the error occurred. See below:

error screen create atomic condition

Translating the error message: The attribute 'Log Description' has an invalid value 'alg.description'


Follow the screen that I have created the attribute 'Log Description':

Activity association type

Anyone knows how could I configure a notification condition to send when only the field alg.description is filled?



Felipe Nunes