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CA Service Virtualization (v9.5) ACL system protocols

Question asked by advi.das on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2017 by advi.das

Question about CA Service Virtualization (v9.5) ACL system, docops does not have any information:

If possible, an internal CA Service Virtualization architecture document would be very helpful, which can show all the protocols that are used by the ACL system for connections to all the internal and external components:

- ACLs to the database (hopefully JDBC ???);

- DevTest Portal to ACL (HTTP/S???);

- DevTest Workstation to ACL (HTTP/S???)


I have created a base diagram (attached - client details deleted) to capture the CA Service Virtualization components at a high level.


This is basically required to get security architecture accreditation for a client.

Any help would be much appreciated.