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API migration between corporate environments

Question asked by vasmu03 Employee on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Mark_HE

Hello Experts,


Customer has API Gateway and Developer Portal both in all their environments, DEV, TEST, UAT etc.,


Now, considering they have published the APIs on to the Portal in DEV, if we migrate them to TEST using GMU, the APIs doesn't show up in TEST API Portal, even though they have a valid "set as portal managed service" assertion with a unique App ID.

I presume, we should migrate the contents of the API Portal as well between the environments, so that the all the API (appid.xml etc) and related content will move to TEST env as it is in DEV, and there wouldn't be a need to publish the apis again.


Is there a procedure that we follow as a standard to this kind of migration? If so, please share it with me.