Announcing the latest update to CA Identity Service (2.2.0)

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We are excited to announce the latest update to CA Identity Service.  This update was deployed on Thursday May 18th, 2017 at 9 PM EDT in production and is now available for all customers.


What’s new in this product update


CA Identity Service Agent – Active Directory Object Filters

The Active Directory agent for CA Identity Service now includes filters for objects being received from Active Directory. The new object filters support a range of capabilities including:

  •  Preventing unusable objects from being sent to the CA Identity Service.
  •  Ensuring that user objects adhere to CA Identity Service conventions.
  • (Optional and Recommended) Restricting group (security and distribution list) objects until you decide to allow them.
  • Filtering for user, group, and org unit objects. 


While these filters restrict data received by CA Identity Service, you can modify the filters and allow more objects. Group filters are highly recommended to improve synchronization between Active Directory and CA Identity Service. For more details please see the CA Identity Service wiki.


CA Single Sign-On As IDP Enhancements

Streamlined delegated login flow with improved usability, performance and error messaging.


SAML Enhancements

CA Identity Service’s SAML capability can now leverage AD Group Membership values as part of SAML Assertions


SAML Application Inventory

CA Identity Service provides a SAML Connector capability whereby administrators can quickly create SAML 2.0 Connectors. The following additional SAML application is now available with streamlined definition parameters for the Service Provider Application:




Continuous Improvement

Ongoing defect resolution and stability improvements.


For more information, please check out the CA Identity Service wiki, community or reach out to the product team at  For a full listing of all product updates and more detailed descriptions please click here.


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