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What does the average run time field indicate?

Question asked by ncisneros on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by scarrobis

I am new to CA Autosys and I was asked a question of which I am hoping someone can help me to answer. 


What is the "Average Run Time" field and what does it indicate?  I found in the jobs properties after going into the Quick Edit tab. 

A customer asked me to set up a calendar for a job to run once per month in 2018 and asked me if I would have to also update the "Average Run Time" field from 6 to 12.  I wasn't sure as I don't know what the current value of 6 indicates. I took a snapshot of what I am am viewing.    


Thank you for your help and forgive me if I am missing any details,  please let me know and I'll provide.