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null Server <hostname>:6400 not found or server may be down (FWM 01003) connect timed out

Question asked by ijreis on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Paul_Coccimiglio

Hello, Good Evening.


We're facing some issues on integrating CA SDM 14.1 CP3 with CABI 4.1 SP5.

When clicking on LAUNCH BI PAD, it displays a page like this:




I ensure that Trusted Authentication is enabled and the .conf file is set according to instructions!


Checking the ServiceDesk Option Manager Web Reports Configuration i have:

bo_server_authWeb ReportsecEnterprise
bo_server_cmsWeb Report<hostname.FQN>:6400Installed
bo_server_locationWeb Report<hostname.FQN>:8080Installed
(for privacy reasons, i ommit the real hostname and domain)
From CABI CMC side, from CONFIGURATION TAB is consider the FQN:
Any idea how to integrate those two Platforms?