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Solarwinds and Service Desk Maileater

Question asked by sconnolly on Jun 5, 2017

Is anyone using solarwinds to send pdf to service desk maileater to create ticket?  Creates ticket but the attachments do not come thru to the ticket.

Attaches this:

%ATTACHMENT={{363A0D615356A64EB182361BE2A98F7E_ =?utf-8?B?Q2FoYWJhIFNlcnZlciBOb2RlcyBBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHkgLSBZZXN0ZXJkYXkgLmNzdg==?=}} =?utf-8?B?Q2FoYWJhIFNlcnZlciBOb2RlcyBBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHkgLSBZZXN0ZXJkYXkgLmNzdg==?=


When I try to view attachment get this:

Download Failed - AHD11016:Failed to download the file ' =?utf-8?B?Q2FoYWJhIFNlcnZlcnMgQXZlcmFnZSBDUFUgVXRpbGl6YXRpb24gLSBZZXN0ZXJkYXkuY3N2?=' (file does not exist).