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Is there a way to setup a virtual service that will hit and record the live call when it does not match a specific transaction (non-meta) in the image?

Question asked by ivanzchan on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by ivanzchan

I've been trying to setup a model that has the following behaviour:

1. a message comes in.

2. checks the image to see if there's a match.

3. if no match call the live invocation, and record the live call in the image

4. if there is a match, return the response from the image.


I've noticed that with stand in mode, even if the request matches the meta, it will consider that a match and will not reach out to the live service for the new call.

As with the documentation, Learning mode and Session Tracking will always pass through to the live service and update the image with the new requests.


Has anyone attempted this configuration?