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Match Script, enriching VSE response

Question asked by ShubhamArya on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by VenkateshSatturi

Hi All,


I want to write a match script which compares a parameter of the incomingRequest(the request that client will be sending) with some parametrized {{value}} in the configs-file and based on that it should enrich some fields of the response(which again I have stored in the configs-file).


For eg.


key: country;

value: {{value stored in configs file, say, India}};

state: abc;



key: country;

value: India;

state: xyz;


Now, I want the script to compare the "value" of my incomingRequest with the "value" of my sourceRequest and populate my response fields with corresponding values from configs-file.


For this I will need to create some kind of flag property as I have multiple responses, so, is it possible to do that in LISA.




Instead of taking data from the configs file I can make different responses and keep those responses in my Data folder, but then I will need a script which will pick up a response from that data folder corresponding to unique incomingRequest. Is this possible to do. If yes. How?



Please help.