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Issue with OnDemand API Virtualization

Question asked by Sivasankar on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by fulri02

Hi All,


We are having issues virtualizing ODAPI calls(Java). After setting up the agent, we were able to do recording successfully but playback was unsuccessful. Data which we used for recording is not working while doing playback. We also didn't do any modification in virtual service and deployed the recoded image as it is. There are no errors in service console but front end application is unable to consume the virtual response. It is throwing error while calling the method ODFolder.getStoreDocFields. I have attached the error message for your reference and this scenario is for adding a document in OnDemand server. 


Has anyone faced similar issue? Has anyone of you successfully virtualized the ODWEK API calls? Can you please share some insight on this issue?


Note: There are some references to folder location in the response of few recorded methods(ex.ODServer.openFolder) but the method, which is failing, doesn't have any. In fact the response of this method is static.