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Protect WAM UI with CA SSO

Question asked by NutCracker on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by NutCracker

Hello All,


I am trying to protect WAM UI with CA SSO using Apache Reverse Proxy and CA SSO Agent.

I have installed CA SSO and WAMUI on one windows server and Apache & CA SSO Agent on other Window server.

The WAMUI is working fine but after i configured it to be accessed via the Apache Reverse Proxy, I am unable to access the tasks(Infrastructure, Domain, any of it)on the WAMUI home page, it just displayed the Header and Footer of the home page.

I have used below Proxy Pass rules to configure reverse proxy for WAM UI.

ProxyPass /iam/siteminder/ https://<WAMUI HOSTNAME>:8443/iam/siteminder/console/
ProxyPassReverse /iam/siteminder/ https://<WAMUI HOSTNAME>:8443/iam/siteminder/console/


It seems to be a proxy issue, but am not able to recognize it.

If anybody can help with the rules or guide me through it, it would be really great.