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Adding new Search Query in "searchFilterDropdown" at "list_cr.htmpl" form

Question asked by RobertoBenatti Employee on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by pier-olivier.tremblay

Hi team,


Does anyone know or has any knowledge of how to add a new entry in the "list_cr.htmpl" form for the searchFilterDropdown to get the list of the tickets unassigned but filtering to show only the tickets belonging to groups which the logged in user is member of?



As per the code the default searches for the "Assignment Status" are defined as:



searchFilterDropdown("Assignment Status","","",
"Has assignee","(assignee IS NOT NULL)",
"Has group","(group IS NOT NULL)",
"Assignee or group","(assignee IS NOT NULL OR group IS NOT NULL)",
"Assignee and group","(assignee IS NOT NULL AND group IS NOT NULL)",
"Assignee; no group","(assignee IS NOT NULL AND group IS NULL)",
"Group; no assignee","(assignee IS NULL AND group IS NOT NULL)",
"No assignee","(assignee IS NULL)",
"No group","(group IS NULL)",
"No assignee; no group","(assignee IS NULL AND group IS NULL)",2);
searchFilterLookup("Assignee","assignee","agt",1, "combo_name", "QBE.EQ.delete_flag=0", "");

searchFilterLookup("Group","group","grp",1, "combo_name", "QBE.EQ.delete_flag=0", "");

searchFilterLookup("Status","status","crs_cr",1, "sym", "QBE.EQ.delete_flag=0", "");


If anyone has any idea, please let me know.