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HTTP  and MQ VSM together as proxy solution to client API

Question asked by DevTestUser on Jun 6, 2017
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I have a different requirement where I need to make HTTP virtual as proxy service between client(API) and LISA MQ service.. 


What I wanted to try is my client API sends a request to LISA HTTP virtual service which will be in SOAP format , I need to put this into LISA MQ virtual service.. once MQ service processes then LISA HTTP virtual service should listen this response and sends back to client API..


Is this possible to achieve ? could you please suggest how can I implement this.. 


Reason to Do this -- API running machines are not able to access MQ virtual services port due to firewall issue.. at the same time we cant get the firewall opened.. however I can access LISA HTTP virtual service port example 8001 .. and then LISA server has access to MQ port..