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What to do with open defects after user story is accepted / "Done" ?

Question asked by swimmer20 on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by DanPoling1351581

We were having a debate earlier about what to do with open defects after a user story is accepted.   Defects are opened under the user story.  Our "definition of done" is that a user story is developed and tested with no high or critical defects.  Low defects are "ok" and would not prevent the US from being accepted/done and from being deployed.   


Some of the team was arguing that those low defects just remain tied to the user story.  Others argued that once the user story is accepted and considered "done" that those low defects should be moved out  - either to another user story "bucket" (ie a defect bucket) or  converted to user stories.  In either of these latter cases though we would need to document where the defect originally came from, etc so that we would still have history and acceptance criteria, etc. 


Just curious how others handle defects still open under a user story once the user story is accepted.