DevTest License Server is being Moved July 8, 9pm - 1am EDT

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This On Line License Server IP change ONLY affects DevTest versions 7.x and below. 


We are moving our DevTest 7.x and below On Line License Server starting July 8th at 9 pm EDT.  It will take 4 hours for the transfer to be complete.  At 1 am EDT the transfer is expected to be complete.


Please make sure that if you need to modify your Firewall Rules; this notice should allow you time to get the work ticket in with your Services Organization.


The current IP is

The new IP will be


You should "White List" both the above IP addresses and should not remove the existing one ( until the migration is complete.


It is important to note that the License Module in the DevTest components allows for a 3 day grace period.  If you do not get your firewall rules changed, you have until Tuesday, July 11th to get this done.  You will notice in the log files that your license has entered into the grace period. 


With this move, we will not provide a parallel time period when both IPs are active.